VE’s latest blending event — The “Astral Tether: Connection to The Void” Scientists! We have a new blending event for you on Tuesday, October 4th from : 12:00am — 11:59pm EST.

The reactors have been gathering dust and it is time for us to put them to good use. We…

A VE Roadmap of Events

You’ve been asking & we’ve been listening. And although we have our hands plenty full with wrangling creatures from the VOID, we have plans to expand & explore the VOID to its furthest depths. Therefore, in the following allocution, we will present a short summary…

Beginning Wednesday, August 18th

Through time, aberration, and maybe even through divine decree, Elementals were born to be bound, burned, and blended. How else would we have, could we have, unearthed the boundless bounty of rudimentary radixes? Without the blending of Elementals, we would live in a dusty, drab, colorless…


BASED off the Periodic Table.

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