VOID Elementals NFTs: Where Science And Creativity Collide

If you’re a fan of digital art, then chances are you’ve heard of Non-Fungible Tokens (also known as NFTs). These crypto-tokens are giving artists and designers the ability to create their own one-of-a-kind digital art to be traded and collected on the blockchain. While NFTs are a relatively new addition to the blockchain, you can find all sorts of different collections available from baseball cards to computer gaming items.

VOID Elementals is the latest and greatest NFT collection to join the game, bringing a love for science and a unique creative vision to the blockchain. With an NFT collection based on the periodic table of elements, this premium NFT includes hand-drawn backgrounds and unique characters that will have you scrambling to collect all the cards you can. In order to help launch their NFT project on AtomicHub, VOID Elementals has partnered with Onessus, one of the most successful companies in the WAX network.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about NFTs, the VOID Elemental NFT collection, and what the future holds in store for VOID Elementals.

What Are NFTs?

The future of art and technology is all located in one place: the blockchain. With the rise of cryptocurrency and the crypto-token economy, a new form of digital assets has emerged. NFTs are quickly becoming a popular choice for digital creators and artists to create art that’s unique, creative, and best of all, digital. Similar to cryptocurrency, NFTs can be bought, traded, and verified on the blockchain.

Now you might be wondering — if art is digital, how can it be unique? After all, can’t you simply copy and paste it, devaluing its rarity and turning it into something mass-produced? Not so with NFTs. The “non-fungible” in non-fungible tokens means that an NFT is unique and can’t be replaced. While cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or dogecoin are all identical and can be traded back and forth interchangeably, an NFT is one of a kind.

What Is VOID Elementals?

The “Elementals” in VOID Elementals refer to different creatures in the NFT that represent the periodic table. Sounds a lot more exciting than a bunch of pink and green squares with black letters on them, doesn’t it? All of the elements on the periodic table are represented with different cards, each of which has a completely unique design of an Elemental character. Every card is made with careful attention to detail, giving you an NFT collection that is both one of a kind and skillfully created.

The background of each card represents which chemical group each Elemental is from. There are ten different groups represented on the periodic table, which means the VOID Elementals NFT has ten different corresponding backgrounds and rarity types. The ten groups of the VOID Elementals NFT (and the periodic table) are:

● Non-Metal

● Semi-Metal

● Metal

● Transition Metal

● Alkali Metal

● Alkali Earth

● Lanthanide

● Actinides

● Halogen

● Noble Gas

Who Is VOID Elementals For?

Why Collect VOID Elementals?

Why Are You Building On The WAX Blockchain?

The WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) is convenient to use and allows you to easily interact with the WAX Blockchain and any of its dApps. Using the WCW, you can buy WAX tokens, store NFTs, and more. You can use the WCW on any PC browser or even on your mobile phone, giving you the ability to buy and trade NFTs on the go. You can easily log in to your WCW using social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, allowing you to create an account in minutes. It’s also free to create a WCW, which makes it an even more attractive feature for users.

In addition to being great for buyers of NFTs, WAX also makes it easy for VOID Elementals to deliver better NFTs to their consumers. WAX gives companies like VOID Elementals the tools they need to tokenize their products and release them to a community of collectors all over the world. VOID Elementals will be joining the ranks of global brands like deadmau5, Atari, and Capcom, all of whom have used WAX to launch their NFT sales.

Partnership With Onessus

How To Buy VOID Elementals

Here are a few recommendations from Onessus for how to set up your WAX account and purchase tokens:

  1. Get Your WAX Cloud Wallet. If you don’t already have a WAX wallet, you can get one by visiting wallet.wax.io and logging into the WAX Cloud Wallet. This is the wallet you will use to acquire, trade, and store VOID Elementals NFTs and WAXP/VOID.
  2. Buy WAXP & VOID. While you have several options for buying WAXP, Onessus recommends that you buy it from Bittrex. This is because Bittrex supports a wide range of jurisdictions (including the US). They also allow you to pay via credit or debit to make onboarding a breeze. You can then buy VOID using the WAXP in your WAX Cloud Wallet at Alcor.

What’s Next For VOID Elementals?

You may also find that the utility of your VOID Elementals NFTs will soon expand to allow you to do even more with your cards. Through NFT-Fi + Staking, you’ll soon be able to stake, lend, and level up the VOID Elementals for rewards. There is also a possible upgrade system that will allow you to combine elements and create your own new ones. While no date has been confirmed for these developments, you may be able to expect them at some point within the next couple of months.

As innovators and creatives, VOID Elementals is always looking toward the future. The development of NFTs and blockchain technology is only moving upward, so there’s no telling what’s in store down the line. The only thing that’s certain is that as NFTs and crypto-tokens continue to grow, VOID Elementals will grow right along with it. Celebrate your love of science and collect your VOID Elementals NFT as soon as you can!

BASED off the Periodic Table.