VOID Elementals: A Mini Blending Event

Beginning Wednesday, August 18th

Through time, aberration, and maybe even through divine decree, Elementals were born to be bound, burned, and blended. How else would we have, could we have, unearthed the boundless bounty of rudimentary radixes? Without the blending of Elementals, we would live in a dusty, drab, colorless & cold cosmos. Although, that wouldn’t necessarily be our experience because nothing would really exist without the blending of Elementals. But that’s a conversation for another time, we’re far past that version of the universe- we’re here to talk about the blending of (VOID) Elementals!

Now that the Quantum Reactors have cooled down, awaiting their future roles in production, it’s time to mix it up a bit. And by mix, we mean blend. And by it, we mean Elemental NFTs. To all our fellow physicists, brothers in brahmin, and residents in research: make sure to strap up your science shoes, because we’re about to take a little trip to the VOID to do a little chemistry. Grab a pen & pad and prepare to take notes. Here are a few important questions that we will answer in terms of what to expect for the very first VE Mini Blending Event:

When and where will the VE Mini Blending Event take place?

What NFTs are required to participate in the blending event?

What will the blending recipes/ingredients be?

What will I receive for blending my NFTs?

Why would I want to blend/burn my existing Elemental NFTs?


We invite you to join us on site in the blending laboratory, over at NeftyBlocks, on Wednesday, August 18th from 12:00am — 11:59pm EST for a 24 hour Mini VE Sticker Blending Event. The blend lab will be open for one day only for participants to produce as many new blends as possible within the 24-hour time frame.

What NFTs are required to participate in the blending event? What are the ingredients/recipes? And what will I receive for blending my NFTs?

There will be 3 separate blends with 3 unique results in the VE Sticker Mini Blending Event. Some stickers/elements may be more useful than others, resulting in different recipes for each blend. Make sure to pay attention, because some of the resulting blends will have more utility than others.

To participate in the event you will need the following Elemental Sticker NFTs: Arsenic, Beryllium, Neodymium. The recipes & their results are as follows:

  • 1 Neodymium Sticker = 1 Dysprosium Sticker
  • 2 Arsenic Stickers = 1 Berkelium Sticker
  • 3 Beryllium Stickers = 1 Nobelium Sticker

Like we said, this will be a mini blending event. The ingredients, recipes, and resulting NFTs are relatively straightforward. So that begs the question: Why would I want to blend/burn my existing Elemental NFTs? And the answer to that is a little less straightforward and a little more strategic.

First, the opportunity to blend one’s NFTs to produce new and more scarce NFTs is appealing to pretty much everyone. We are allowing the community to make conscious decisions about how they want to utilize their existing NFTs to introduce something completely new and unique to the ecosystem. And if that dimension of utility isn’t quite convincing enough for you, then now is probably a good time to mention that through this Mini Blending Event, we will be introducing something very special to our VE community: Redeemable Assets.

So we’ll ask that question again: Why would I want to blend/burn my existing Elemental NFTs? Well, our dear Cosmic Comrades, you may find your wallets flush not only with freshly minted NFTs, that you yourself centrifuged, but also with the opportunity to be eligible to receive a redeemable Elemental Sticker NFT!* Yes, you read that right. We will be introducing a shiny set of redeemable stickers to the VE collective. And those that participate in the first VE Blending Event will have first dibs. With these revelations, we assume you might have a couple more questions:

*The redeemable Sticker NFT is eligible for a set of 5 physical stickers

How can I get my hands on a redeemable VE sticker?

What do I do If I get my hands on a redeemable VE sticker?

Within 48 hours after the ending of the VE Mini Blending Event a snapshot will be taken of the wallets that are holding the newly minted Dysprosium, Berkelium, and Nobelium stickers. Subsequently, a list of all wallets will be made and depending on the new stickers that are held, they will be entered into a drawing to be 1 among 100 eligible recipients to receive a redeemable Elemental Sticker NFT. The number of entries into the drawing that a wallet receives will depend on the new Elemental Sticker that was held when the snapshot was taken. Like we said, some of these resulting blends will have more utility than others. Here is a good example of that statement in action:

  • 1 Dysprosium = 10 Entries
  • 1 Nobelium = 3 Entries
  • 1 Berkelium = 1 Entry

We must say, that’s a pretty solid deal. Not only will you have upgraded your old VE Sticker NFTs to fresh new ones, but you also have a pretty measurable chance at winning one of the first redeemable Elemental NFTs. Yeah. We agree. Good deal.

Moving on, if your wallet happens to be the one chosen to receive a redeemable Elemental Sticker NFT, you will be airdropped a special redeemable version of the sticker. What next? Well, that depends on your fancy. Each redeemable sticker will come with a set of instructions on how to redeem. So if you choose to bring those babies home, you will want to make sure to follow the instructions carefully. However, you may decide that you like the way the redeemable sticker looks in your wallet. Or maybe someone is interested in trading you for it. You may even want to flip it for more WAX. Regardless, the decision is yours once you receive the first redeemable Elemental NFT. So choose wisely.

We hope that you all have taken comprehensive notes and are well prepared for next week’s experiments. We have a feeling that there will be many scientific breakthroughs to be achieved and we are glad to have the opportunity to share our discoveries with you. See you sophomoric scientists in the blend lab, exclusively on NeftyBlocks, next Wednesday, August 18th at 12:00am EST.

BASED off the Periodic Table.