Void Elementals: A Roadmap Into The Future

A VE Roadmap of Events

You’ve been asking & we’ve been listening. And although we have our hands plenty full with wrangling creatures from the VOID, we have plans to expand & explore the VOID to its furthest depths. Therefore, in the following allocution, we will present a short summary of our machination of VE development for the near future. In this summary, we will introduce some very exciting news for those that are invested in the progression of the project. The first rendition of the VE Roadmap of 2021 can be found on our official website (https://www.voidelementals.com/ ), as well as through our social media outlets on Discord (https://discord.gg/VEanPbvK9S) & Twitter (VOID Elementals (@VoidElementals) / Twitter). As for the previous and current events, we will also include those as a timeline reference.

The full version of the VE Roadmap will cover & reiterate:

  • Legal Disclosures
  • Who We Are
  • Our Partnership With Onessus
  • Our Approach To NFTs
  • The Stake-able Utility Of Our NFTs
  • Whitelist Requirements
  • Community Engagement
  • A Timeline Of Events

Let’s start with some of the information that we all may already have:

  • Chapter 1: The Launch Of The Antimatter Collection — June 8th, 2021
  • Chapter 2: GAMMA Month

- Gamma Reactors

- The expansion of the Series 1

  • Chapter 3: Redeemable Elemental NFTs

- The introduction of VE redeemable NFTs as physical assets

  • Chapter 4: Reimagining VE

- The next chapter of our story- Gamification

What we love about the VOID, is that we never know what might come from it. While we’ve seen an inundation of new Elementals and utilities, we have also cultivated blendability and redeemability. Who knew the Elements could produce such diversity? Maybe the gods. And it seems as though they have much more in store for the VE community. So be sure to check out the full version of the VE Roadmap on https://www.voidelementals.com/, and be sure to follow our social media platforms: Discord, Twitter.