VOID ELEMENTALS: Anti-Matter 2.0 NFT Collection

VOID ELEMENTALS: Antimatter 2.0 NFT Collection

VOID Elementals is back and better than ever with a new series that takes your love for science and cool creatures to the next level!

The VOID has reopened. Brand new creatures (known as Elementals) are crawling their way out of their portals and into your wallets. This collection is based on our beloved periodic table of elements and features unique, exciting creatures that live in carefully crafted worlds of their own. The Elementals have transformed and feature new creatures, rarities, card shapes, background environments, and more.

Join us on our journey as we transition from a collectible to a P2E Trading Card Game!

Capture these creatures on November 16th, 2021 from 12PM EST TO 2PM ONLY (2 HOUR FLASH SALE!) on NeftyBlocks.

Standard Astral Pack $24.99
Ion Astral Pack $44.99
Quantum Astral Pack $64.99

Base-Staking & Rarities:

We’re excited to announce that we will have base-staking values for each NFT. When you open your packs, you’ll be able to stake them right away, and know exactly how much you are getting back! Our collection will begin with a 60% APR for a limited time.

The backgrounds for each card are represented with their brand-new rarity groups, with there now being 7 different groups. There is a total of 82 cards and 7 different rarity groups that are:

A sneak-peak into our Subzero Rarity!

Airdrop & Blending Event:

We have more exciting news! Reactor and Astral Tether HODLers will be receiving exclusive airdrops of NFTs from this collection. Shortly after the airdrops, a blending event will take place that will give you the chance to blend your Anti-Matter NFTs into Anti-Matter 2.0 NFTs. Back to the blending lab we go, Scientists! These new, exclusive NFTs will not be available through the packs, and are only for our HODLers/Blenders.

More information and exact numbers of the airdrops will be announced in a future medium article.

Giving Back:

As we approach the season of giving, we are proud to announce that a portion of our sales will be donated to charities. Shortly after the completion of the sale, we will be reaching out to the top three collectors and will donate a total of $2000 (USD) to globally recognized charities of their choice!

VOID Elementals:

VOID Elementals (VE) is an ambitious, premium NFT collection rooted in a love for science and creativity. Our designs are loosely based on the periodic table and feature unique creatures called “Elementals” that have emerged from the VOID. VE is a collaboration project with Onessus, one of the biggest names in the WAX world.

Keep up to date with what’s going on with VE on our Discord & Twitter.

Exciting things are coming soon!



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