VOID Elementals : Anti-Matter Collection

The internet has seen a drastic rise in the popularity of NFTs within recent months — with the VOID Elementals collection making waves within the VOID community. These premium NFTs have a custom design that incorporates an artistic twist of the periodic table. Here’s everything you need to know about this new collection from the most common (and least powerful) to the rarest (and most powerful):

Transition Metal : 38%

This card is the most common in the collection, with 38 different pieces in circulation. Due to the commonality of these cards, they are not as powerful as the other elements in the collection. The transition metal cards are detailed with a rust-like background accompanied by hues of red. These NFTs cast shadows on the other elementals.

Post-Transition Metal : 12%

Next up, we have the post-transition metals. There are twelve different types of cards that you can get within this elemental. These cards are slightly stronger (and rarer) than the regular transition metals. The deep green background is incredibly eye-catching!

Non-Metal : 12%

Now, we are transitioning out of the metals (pun intended). The non-metal elementals have seven different variations. These cards particularly stand out from others in the collection because the characters are composed of small atoms that appear to be barely holding the character together as one entity. The blueish color and intricate design make these cards collector-worthy!

Metalloid : 12%

We’re moving into elementals that are pretty rare — as there are only six types of metalloid cards. These cards are visually appealing as the vibrant pink hue gradually shifts into a holographic-looking appearance at the bottom right corner of the card.

Alkali Metal : 11%

The alkali metal elements also have six types of cards within this element. These cards consist of an interesting combination of silver and rusty orange — creating modern color contrast.

Alkaline Earth Metal : 5%

These cards are notable because they mark the point in the collection where the cards are noticeably rare. The design includes a mix of dark blue and purple smoky backgrounds that shine. When the elemental cards have a noticeable shine, that’s a sign that it’s a valuable element.

Lanthanide : 4%

The rounded frame accompanied by the blue swirls that encompass the design of the card emulates the ocean’s waves. There are six cards within this specific element. As mentioned above, there is a slight glow to the finish that shows the rarity of the card.

Actinide : 3%

Are you looking for an NFT that is actually fire? Well, Actinides are fire cards because of their rarity and volcanic-looking design. This card is just as reactive as an earthquake caused by a volcano that’s about to erupt! There are only six types of these cards.

Noble Gas : 2%

It’s not a coincidence that these cards differentiate from the rest. The golden glow that consumes the card is purposeful because the Noble Gases set reactions off all around them as they try to escape their frames. The shiny finish indicates the rarity of this card — there are only seven different types of this element.

Halogen : 1%

We’ve reached the top of the elemental hierarchy! The Halogen cards are distinctive due to the masterful mix of yellow, green, and purple surrounded by a holographic finish around the edge of the card. The background is meant to emulate millions of shooting stars blasting off from the center. There are only six types of these rare cards. Of course, these cards come with a shiny coating.

BASED off the Periodic Table.

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