Void Elementals: How To Redeem Your Physical Elemental NFTs

The Au Rule

While you are reading this, our dear Scientists & Technophiles, we surmise that you A) have unearthed a rare redeemable VE NFT, or B) plan to acquire one soon. At the time of the publication of this article, we are a couple hours away from the very first VOID Elementals Mini Blending Event. So we will assume that the first of our readership will fall into the aforementioned B category- you are anticipating the very first collection of redeemable Elemental NFTs. We will also assume that you have already read the VOID Elementals: A Mini Blending Event, where you will find detailed information on how to participate in the August 18th blending event. And now that we’ve all found ourselves on the same page, let’s move forward with the edicts that will govern the process of redeeming your physical Elemental NFTs.

Once we have chosen the 100 winners a new redeemable NFT will be airdropped into their WAX wallets for the VOID Elementals: Mini-Blending Event.

The process of redemption is rather candid with 3 simple steps, but it will be imperative that you follow all steps involved in order to be eligible to redeem your Elemental NFTs. This process will live as the golden (or Au) rule in redeeming any eligible Elemental NFT:

  • Step 1: You must have an Elemental NFT that clearly states its eligibility to be redeemed. A True redeemable attribute will be applied to all redeemable Elemental NFTs. Also in the description of the redeemable NFT will be instructions on redemption, along with a link that will bring you to the contact page on voidelementals.com.
  • Step 2: This next step is very important: You must “Offer” your redeemable Elemental NFT via the AtomicHub “Trading” page to the VE Redemption account, ktmg4.wam.
  • You must also include your email address in the memo. Please be sure this is an email address that you regularly use, because we will contact you via email for verification.
  • Step 3: There will be a link integrated into the redeemable NFT attributes that will connect you to the Contact/Shipping page on the official VE website. On said page, you will be prompted to provide your Name, Email Address (it must match the email address in the memo), WAX wallet name, and Shipping Address. Once all information is received, we will reach out to you to verify all information is accurate. And subsequently we will ship, at no extra expense to you, anywhere in the world*, your very own redeemable Elemental NFT.

*We comply with all applicable import and export laws

This is a very exciting leap in the VOID and we are over the moon to have you onboard! Remember, this article can be used as a point of reference when it comes to redeeming any future Elemental NFTs. It’s deadly important that you follow all 3 steps exactly as explained when redeeming your physical NFTs. And now, we shall get back to the lab to persist in our work in pioneering & mapping the VOID to continue to bring new developments to our Cosmic Community.

BASED off the Periodic Table.