Void Elementals: Introducing The First Redeemable Elemental NFTs

Coming Tuesday, August 24th 2021


Mad Scientists, Chemists, Pharmacists, Physicists, Biblicists, Eroticists, Exorcists, or whatever -cists you identify as- we have exciting news to share with you all! Or at least those that participated in some capacity in the first VE blending event. Although, if you find yourself reading this publication while not having participated in the blending event, you may still find the following information helpful, or at least, informative.

If you need to catch up on how we got to this point, please reference VOID Elementals: A Mini Blending Event. And if you happen to be one of the first 100 people with a redeemable Elemental NFT in your wallet and need a refresher on how to redeem your physical assets, please reference VOID Elementals: How To Redeem Your Physical Elemental NFTs.

Now that we all have cooled down from the heat of the blend, it’s time to announce the winners/WAX wallet addresses that will be receiving the very first round of Elemental NFTs that will be eligible for physical redemption. Again, although you may end up with a redeemable Elemental NFT, it is your decision whether you choose to redeem. And if so, please be sure to follow the process of redemption exactly as it is detailed in the description of the asset (you may also reference the aforementioned article).

Although the airdrops for the redeemable Elemental NFTs will be made on the 24th of August, we thought it ceremonial to announce the winning wallets in advance. So pay attention, fellow academic autodacts, because you might just see your WAX wallet address among the following winners:

.5gsq.wam, .5zay.wam, .ckb.wam, 1bkb4.wam, 1jjrc.wam, 1nfqw.wam, 1v1qw.wam, 32eb.wam, 3fwbu.wam, 3thry.wam, 42or.wam, aketroncares, az1ay.wam, azarenphyrex, b1sqw.wam, bb2bc.wam, bmaau.wam, boab.wam, cmtba.wam, cqcau.wam, crazyowner21, cryptovault2, d1jbk.wam, ddys4.wam, devbotsvault, dp4b2.wam, ejdaw.wam, enaqw.wam, eo4mc.wam, eowb.wam, exe2i.wam, fdnqy.wam, fearce.gm, fmcrk.wam, frcqu.wam, freekman1111, ftcri.wam, fyo4g.wam, gqcr4.wam, gyor4.wam, hmgb.wam, hpub2.wam, ibxuu.wam, ie5rs.wam, ipvqu.wam, ir1b4.wam, jabde.wam, jmiek.wam, jordaswallet, jpore.wam, jtfqw.wam, jtuay.wam, jvhri.wam, kikikalaiyee, kongenemilio, lewr4.wam, m.4mu.wam, m2brs.wam, mambg.wam, mi2r.wam, mmmr4.wam, mywaxaddress, noway.gm, np3ag.wam, nswr2.wam, okbr.wam, om.be.wam, ovlaw.wam, ox.b4.wam, p.bbi.wam, pddra.wam, plbb.wam, pnh5y.wam, poncesspants, q4er.wam, qh4b2.wam, r2bak.wam, r2tb4.wam, radcryptoguy, ro4r4.wam, rv3qw.wam, scqau.wam, ssqau.wam, ta4bg.wam, tqbsi.wam, uigay.wam, umwcq.wam, unor2.wam, vpdas.wam, vwiaw.wam, w2lti.wam, wcitk.wam, x4adu.wam, xrzty.wam, xx5b4.wam, ybkea.wam, ydnuk.wam, yodb4.wam, yzsrq.wam, zqjbg.wam

Congratulations to all that participated in our first, and certainly not our last, VE Blending Event!

BASED off the Periodic Table.