VOID Elementals: The Expansion of Series 1

Limited Release, Dropping July 8th, 2021 @ 2PM EST

In the vacuum of the deep unknown, a VOID in time and space has opened, connecting the blockchain to a new world of elements that we are just beginning to explore. As we traverse this new territory, we anticipate that there will be a multifold of evolutionary discoveries and experiments to unearth. In the name of science and transmogrification, we have decided to begin experiments of our own *cue dramatic piano scales*: Elemental Gamma Reactors.

How will we utilize Elemental Reactors, you ask? Great question! Our team of scientists and revolutionaries have been working non-stop on developing the blockchain’s first Elemental Expansion. And you, our dear HODLers, will have the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking phenomenon and retain one or more of the three VOID Elemental Gamma Reactors that will be available, with a limited supply, on the WAX blockchain on Thursday, July 8th at 2PM EST. Similar to the classifications of our original VOID Elemental pack launch, the Reactors will include Standard, Ion, and Quantum classes.

Be sure to note: each of the classes of Gamma Reactors will produce their own algorithm of Elementals to be apportioned. We will touch more on that here shortly, but we’d like to take this moment to admire the design and complexities of these novel devices:

Over the course of three weeks upon the release of the Gamma Reactors, we will be releasing the next 18 Elementals to join the periodical of our current elements to the HODLers of any particular class of Reactor. Again, depending on the classification of the machine that you have in your wallet at the time of our snapshots, while using random number generators, you will receive an allocation of randomly minted base cards from the expansion of the 18 new Elemental NFTs.

There will be 6 Elementals released weekly, and starting within the first week of the launch each Gamma Reactor may diffuse up to 6 random Elementals dependent on the RNG. The breakdowns over the three week Elemental NFT release event are as follows:

  • Week 1: HODLers of the Standard, Ion, & Quantum Reactors may receive up to 6 randomly generated Elementals
  • Week 2: HODLers of the Ion & Quantum Reactors may receive up to 6 more randomly generated Elementals
  • Week 3: HODLers of the Quantum Reactors may receive up to 6 more randomly generated Elementals

Remember, and this is very important, you must be HODLing your Reactor at the time of our scheduled snapshot (be sure to follow our Twitter + Discord channels for updates on the schedule) to be eligible to receive up to 6 of the 18 new Elementals per Reactor. And in case you missed it, The Quantum Reactor is the only Gamma Reactor that will be eligible to participate in all three of the Elemental allocations over the course of the three week event. But make sure to get your hands on (and HODL) all three of the Gamma Reactors, available to the blockchain beginning Thursday, July 8th, for the best chances to receive the full expansion of the Series 1 VOID Elemental NFT release.

BASED off the Periodic Table.