VOID Elementals: This Matters Collection

An Atonement, Forthcoming July 2nd & 5th 2021

“…instead consider this very thing and apply your mind to this: whether the things I say are just or not. For this is the virtue of the judge, while that of an orator is to speak the truth.” — Socrates

Akin to Socrates, we are in agreement that it is up to you, the judge, to consider whether our words are just or not. And it is up to us whether we find ourselves speaking the truth. Also in accord to another of Socrates’ philosophies, the one thing that we know is that we know nothing. Every day is an opportunity to know and to learn, and although we’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks, we have much more to know. However, unlike Socrates, if you’re familiar with Plato’s Apology Of Socrates, we are not here to offer mock penances. We have had the opportunity to take a few steps back and acknowledge our mistakes, listen to our community, and begin the process of genuine reconciliation and atonement. And in order to move forward, we need to begin with addressing the community and petition for grace. For those of you who are taking the time to read this treatise, thank you. And we hope that by the end of this, we have begun to demonstrate our authenticity in our expedition of redemption.

While we are aware that words can only say so much, actions speak louder, we will move forward with the intent of our proposition without too much self-abasement. As we continue to grow in the gullies of the blockchain, we have ambitious goals in continuing to make VOID Elementals the greatest NFT project to hit the marketplace. We plan to continue with our creative presentations of elements and assets that are distinct from everything that we thought we understood about the incarnation of universal substances. And we are proud of the work that we have accomplished in doing so, despite recent events. You can look forward to our growth in that atmosphere very soon. But before we make the transition to move forward, we believe that it’s important to do something special. Therefore, we will be sowing the seed of atonement with a very special and exclusive deliverance of 5 completely unique and meaningful NFTs to those that have supported us and continue to support us in holding VOID Elementals in your inventory. You can look forward to our momentous anthology of NFTs, the “This Matters” collection. In the “This Matters” collection, we will be distributing 5 intentionally curated NFT designs throughout the first week of July that harmonize with our personification of atonement. The first set (3) of NFTs will be allocated on July 2nd and the second set (2) will be apportioned on July 5th. Those NFTs and descriptions are as follows:

  1. The Gadfly
  • Calling to mind Socrates and his mock penance to the senate, he was compared to a Gadfly by Plato. In that, we are not here to challenge the community or to disregard the community’s concerns in our actions. We are fully aware of our intentions and we want to be transparent in fully communicating our intentions from here on out. So you will see, in the marble bust of our Gadfly sculpture, that the Gadfly is marked with a red ‘X’ to symbolize our dissent with the construct of the embodiment of The Gadfly.

2. The Blue Hyacinths Slab

  • Traditionally, the Blue Hyacinth has been presented as a token of constancy and an expression of sincerity. We will present you with an artistic rendition of a marble Blue Hyacinths Slab as a promise of transparency and sincerity.

3. A Handful Of Plums

  • This incarnation of concession is inspired by the poem, “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams. If you are unfamiliar with the writing, Williams is reconciling his guilt in his consumption of another’s sweet, cold, and juicy plums. He most obviously made the conscious decision to consume and diminish a commodity that did not belong to him. However, he found himself to be stricken with grief and consumed by guilt. And offered a sincere reflection on his actions. In our interpretation of restitution, we will be presenting you with a marble adaptation of Williams’ Handful Of Plums.

4. A Handful Of Doves

  • What we understand of doves is that they represent peace and hope. We will be presenting A Handful Of Doves as a peace offering and a requital for your continued support in our project.

5. Dinosaur Birthday Party

  • And last, but certainly not least, we will be presenting all of our supporters with a burlesque bust of a dinosaur fashionably wearing a party hat. The analogy here is that there is irony in life, death, and joy. Because in death, we must still look for reasons to celebrate life and practice being present in joy. Therefore, we present you with the Dinosaur Birthday Party token of appreciation.

We could not and would not do what we do without those that support and believe in us. And we will continue to work on our identity and in being transparent with ourselves and our community. Thank you for taking the time to read through this treatise. We hope that you will appreciate the time and thought that we have put into making these very special and exclusive menagerie of NFTs, because This Matters to us.

BASED off the Periodic Table.